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Before starting a Proteomics project, you may first want to find the answers to two questions:

1, Do I just want to find new proteins or identify the presence of some hypothetical proteins?

2, Do I also need quantitative data to fulfill my hypothesis in biological functional studies?

Identification and quantification are two major topics in proteomics studies.

In a proteomics profiling study (identification), the most important thing you want to achieve is to maximize the total number of proteins in a proteome (depth) or the total number of different peptides in a protein (coverage) that could be identified given a certain FDR with good reproducibility. In Omics Technologies, we are always trying our best to provide the highest quality proteomics data in the field by constantly updating our Mass Spectrometers to the most advanced platforms in the world and constantly optimizing our sample preparation methods based on the latest development of technologies, the needs from different Mass Spectrometry platforms and your specific research goal.

In a quantitative proteomics study, you need to not only maximize the depth of your Mass Spectrometry analysis (same as identifications), but also maximize the quantitative sensitivity and accuracy of the analysis. You need to not only reproducibly identify your proteins of interest in your complex biological samples, but also to reproducibly quantify them in a highly accurate manner (CV<5%). Therefore, quantitative proteomics studies are usually more demanding in sample preparation and Mass Spectrometry QC. Different labeling approaches (iTRAQ or TMT) are applied to increase the through-put and reproducibility of your analysis.

Please keep in mind that there are two key factors will determine your data's quality and the service price.

1) The complexity of the sample preparation/fractionation.

2) The number of Mass Spectrometry runs.


Please always contact us to discuss how our Proteomics services can benefit your research! It is crystal clear in Omics Technologies that our success is only based on your success and THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR SUCCESS!


Sample types we accept:

1, 2D gel spots, SDS-PAGE bands

2, Cell Lysates and Tissue Lysates

3, Biofluids, such as plasma*, serum*, saliva, tear, etc.

*We provide High Abundance Protein Depletion Service to significantly (100-500 folds) increase the depth of your biofluid proteomics analysis by removing top abundant proteins from your samples. Read more for details​.

4, FFPE slide/ FFPE extract

5, Customized sample types (please contact us to discuss)

Please refer to our Omics Technologies Proteomics Sample Preparation and Shipping Guidelines for instructions on how to prepare your samples with less contamination for Mass Spectrometry Analysis.

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  • *Service Price will be quoted based on your desired service contents and the number of fractions you want to analyze. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Please note, the number of fractions you request determines the depth of analysis, total number of identified proteins and coverage (confidence) of identified proteins. Here is an example of how the number of fractions afffects your data's quality.

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